Westmead House falls within the proposed Farnborough Civic Quarter regeneration project, which is a flagship project for Rushmoor Borough Council and their partners The Rushmoor Development Partnership.

The Civic Quarter will be a vibrant, mixed-use space providing new opportunities for town centre living and working, with active ground floor uses with a focus on maintaining the area as a hub of civic amenities, which will include new offices for the Council and a new Leisure Centre as the first phase.

The provision of high-quality public realm will underpin the development with an enhanced, flexible, central green space that will become the focal point of the Civic Quarter. In addition, improved pedestrian linkages will create more cohesive interaction between the town centre and Farnborough Business Park.

Situated on the western edge of the Civic Quarter, (Plot F), Westmead House and the adjoining car park will be a future phase to provide an office and residential development opportunity.